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Hello, all!

So, I know, I know… I’ve been away from my little circle of the world for quite some time now. I’ve been quite busy with moving, new babies being born into the family, lots of things to do at work, traveling, etc. This all, unfortunately, takes away from any free time that I might have. Any time I actually do get time to myself, I use to watch anime or maybe play a few video games or something here and there.

I’ve severely missed writing, though, and wanted to get back into it. However, I wanted to start posting maybe some short stories and/or chapters of novels/longer stories that I’ve been meaning to write or continue with.

For those of you out there who write, you know you’re your own biggest critic, and sometimes I feel like posting my writing online might be a death sentence, as well (i.e. plagiarism/content getting stolen). So, for those of you out there who are reading this right now, what do you think? Is it a good idea for me to start posting my writing online, or should I just write at home and have close family and friends read it instead? Or should I maybe just stick to what I was doing before (reviewing anime/manga, making lists, etc.)?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter! Any personal experience with this is welcome.




I’m a 26-year-old story-telling fan. I enjoy all forms of media, including anime, manga, literature, films, video games, music, and everything else in between. I’ve been writing short stories and novels for myself as a hobby for as long as I can remember. I’ve never considered myself good enough to become published, but I’m hoping to change that someday. I’m a huge sucker for characters, so that’s usually what will make or break a majority of stories for me. Other than that, I spend my days working and trying to pay my bills (how fun, right?).

6 comments on “Returning to My Blog?

  1. Plagiarism is a real problem, but sometimes it’s worth the risk. I was posting a chapter from my new book every week, but then I sold it as an adapted screenplay, and pulled it from my site. I’m thinking about sharing short stories in the near future.

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    • Hmm, that’s a good idea to pull it from the site if you decide to do something bigger with your work. I suppose that’s always a possibility. Congratulations on getting your story adapted into a screenplay, by the way!

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      • Thank you very much! I hope to repeat the process a few more times, but only time will tell what the future holds. I hope you can have a similar experience with your works too!

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      • Yes, only time will tell! You just need to keep writing and something will eventually hapen.
        Thank you for your kind wishes!

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  2. Just my 2/100, which you should feel completely free to utterly ignore!

    Should you post online? It depends on your goals.

    Do you want general feedback on your work? Posting online can give you that. You can test ideas, experiment with different voices, or try out different genres.

    I’ve had a very positive experience taking a slightly different route: Writing fan-fic on Archive of Our Own. I can practice plot, character, pacing, etc., but not reveal any ideas I hope to use in my novels.

    Are you looking to get published? Maybe even self-publish? I think in that case finding a good development editor, writing a draft, then finding a good copy editor might be a better way to go. The problem with random feedback from the internet is it’s hard to judge how professional/useful it is. Searching out high-quality professional editing services will help move your writing career forward.

    But it’s not free. And it’s not something that happens overnight.

    I hope that doesn’t seem overly simplistic!

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    • That wasn’t overly simplistic in the slightest! It was actually quite helpful. I do really like your perspective in the whole “Well, that depends on your goals” part. I never really thought about it that way. Thanks, again!

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