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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Episode 20: Young Caesar


Thoughts on the episodeGod damn it.


Favorite MomentSo, of course, I loved the part where Caesar uses the last of his Hamon to encase the ring and his bandana into a bubble of his blood, but that wasn’t my favorite part. The part that I loved the most was probably the most difficult one to swallow: when Joseph and Lisa Lisa discover where Caesar had fallen. When the wall comes crumbling down, and the blood seeps from underneath the cross-shaped boulder, and the little thread that was holding Joseph and Lisa Lisa back from cracking both instantly snap. It was all so beautifully crafted and executed. Everything in that scene was perfect.


Anything you didnt likeActually, this episode brought out a lot of beef that I have with this arc, so get ready for me to b*tch about things (I just really need to let out my anger before I start crying, let’s be real).

1.) So, the episode is called “Young Caesar”, no? I thought with a title like that, we would get a huge backstory on him that would last most of the episode. I freaking lost it when his entire past was explained and I looked at the episode timer and we were barely three minutes into the episode. THREE MINUTES OF BACKSTORY. That’s all the great Caesar Zeppeli gets?! LOL K.

2.) The instructors were pathetic, Jesus Christ. What did they even teach JoJo and Caesar?Because it sure as hell wasn’t how to defend themselves and survive when up against an opponent.

3.) I’m salty that we didn’t get some badass Joseph/Caesar tag-team against Kars and Wammu. We got, like, a two-second one against Esidisi at the very end of his life, but come on. With how ‘close’ they had gotten, we at least deserved to see them fight all-out together at least ONCE. Or am I being too needy?

4.) Lisa Lisa better do something this next episode. Ever since they introduced her, she hasn’t once fought or helped out the guys. Isn’t she supposed to be the strongest Hamon user in the world? WHY ISN’T SHE HELPING?

5.) Why the f*ck does everyone just stand around when people are fighting? Ceasar and Lisa Lisa did nothing when Von Stroheim and Joseph were up against Kars, and this time around, Joseph and Lisa Lisa see a severed arm on the ground and don’t go rushing in. They just decide to stand there until they hear Caesar yelling. Ugh.



Any additional thoughtsThe only thing keeping me going now is knowing that I’ll be able to see Kars fight for real now. I’m salty about Caesar, but whatever, I guess. I have to move on and trudge forward.

*sigh* Onwards to the next!




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