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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Episode 17: The Deeper Plan


Random Commentary:

  • They’re already done with their training? Did I accidentally miss something when I blinked?
  •  OF COURSE the stone they need is at Lisa Lisa’s island. Why would it be anywhere else?
  • Oh, he’s dead… What was his name again?
  • Are those his veins popping out of his fingernails? GROSS.
  • Caesar better stay put where he is. Last time, he got his ass kicked and I genuinely don’t think this time will be any different.
  • Heh-heh. How does it feel to taste your own medicine, Joseph?
  • Watching him drink that antidote is making me want to throw up…
  • Well… good news is that he has a week before he has to defeat Wammu, so there’s that.


Final Thoughts:

I don’t really know why (trust me, I’ve been ransacking my brain for the answer since I watched the episode), but I didn’t particularly like this episode all that much. Let’s see if I can figure out why by discussing it a bit.

The sudden time skip is kind of bugging me. I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure it’ll continue to be brought up, but as much as I appreciate that we don’t get 20 episodes of their training, I don’t like that we get about a whole 20 seconds of it either. Between the last episode to the beginning of this one, 3 weeks have passed. This is why I felt absolutely no empathy when Esidisi killed Joseph’s trainer/teacher, Loggins. I legitimately had to look up his name because I couldn’t even remember it; that’s how little we see of him. I know Joseph had a whole moment of him grieving and thanking the deceased man for everything he had taught him, but I just didn’t care. He could’ve just been a civilian that Joseph walks past in an episode and I wouldn’t have been able to care less.

The fight between Joseph and Esidisi was decently cool. It wasn’t as incredible as I was anticipating, but it was good enough. I mean, yes, Joseph always manages to surprise me and keep me guessing at all times, but I wasn’t really feeling it with this fight. I don’t know why. I liked Esidisi’s disgusting ability to use his veins and fire. I liked that he could read Joseph’s mind and essentially give him a taste of his own medicine. I enjoyed the outcome. So, why wasn’t I that into it? Who knows? Maybe my mindset at the time wasn’t ideal for watching this show and I was most likely distracted with other things.

We sadly got to see very little of Caesar this time around, but he and Joseph are apparently the best of friends now, I guess? I mean, the pure admiration in the man’s eyes after having seen Joseph win speaks for itself. But, I think it’s the fact that we saw none of the journey of how they went from enemies to best friends. We saw a few seconds of it when they were climbing the tower, but we missed the best parts. It’s always so entertaining to see how people go from hating each other to blindly trusting one another.

Actually, I think the lack of experiencing that progression is what turned me off for this episode. I know the story since Arc 1 has been moving along at breakneck pace, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this episode that it really hit me. I was mostly looking forward to seeing the two of them bond, but I guess not. Hopefully, the other arcs slow down enough to let us enjoy the journey a bit more.

It wasn’t a bad episode at all, and we got to see a pretty interesting fight, but I just felt awfully disappointed about what I mentioned above the entire time, so I couldn’t enjoy the episode as much as I’m sure others do. Oh, well.

It looks like we haven’t seen the last of Esidisi, though, so onwards to the next!




I’m a 27-year-old story-telling fan. I enjoy all forms of media, including anime, manga, literature, films, video games, music, and everything else in between. I’ve been writing short stories and novels for myself as a hobby for as long as I can remember. I’ve never considered myself good enough to become published, but I’m hoping to change that someday. I’m a huge sucker for characters, so that’s usually what will make or break a majority of stories for me. Other than that, I spend my days working and trying to pay my bills (how fun, right?).

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