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Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 7 – Episode 12: Fitting Room


Random Commentary:

  • Why does her voice annoy me so damn much?
  • Yeah, by the third clothing item I find in there that I recall owning at some point in my life, I’d be out of there. Far too many ‘coincidences’ for my taste.
  • Rules are there for a reason, you know.
  • Jesus, this woman’s ego is off the charts.
  • I swear to God, Hashimoto, if you say, “Man, you’re so cute, Kyouko,” ONE more time.


Final Thoughts:

Okay, then. This episode felt like it was targeted to the fears of those who have huge egos. You go into the clothing store, see clothes you used to wear throughout your life, try them on, and recall every moment where the people around you praised you until your head was big enough to make you float away. Then, when you can barely just keep your feet on the ground, their words get twisted and they start insulting you instead and telling you how bad you are at everything, And then… you turn into a mannequin, I guess? I mean, you’re at a clothing store, so it’s the only thing that makes logical sense.

You know what, let’s come out with it: I didn’t understand the point of the mannequins. I know it was previous people and all, but who turned that first person into one? Was it a legitimate mannequin? Or something else? As is usual with this series, nothing is ever explained, but I didn’t care enough about the character or the story to dig any deeper.

The horror in this was probably .5% if we’re lucky. It just wasn’t there. The .5% is for the creepy sounds the mannequins were making.  Apart from that, this just wasn’t a good episode. It makes no sense unless your biggest fear is to be ridiculed, I guess? I don’t know, I just thought it was dumb.

Here’s to hoping the last episode of the season doesn’t disappoint. Onwards to the last!




I’m a 27-year-old story-telling fan. I enjoy all forms of media, including anime, manga, literature, films, video games, music, and everything else in between. I’ve been writing short stories and novels for myself as a hobby for as long as I can remember. I’ve never considered myself good enough to become published, but I’m hoping to change that someday. I’m a huge sucker for characters, so that’s usually what will make or break a majority of stories for me. Other than that, I spend my days working and trying to pay my bills (how fun, right?).

3 comments on “Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 7 – Episode 12: Fitting Room

  1. Nice post. Will you follow my blog?


  2. Yes, that creaking noise was unsettling. Worse for me than the scratching noises in The Veranda. Plus, mannequins themselves are just creepy to me.

    I like your interpretation of this episode. I took it another way, but I can see how it’d be a case of a egotistical woman relishing in some nostalgic praise for a while she enjoys wearing her old fashions. I also didn’t understand the point or purpose to the mannequins. If no one’s running this shop, is it a supernatural shop conjured by the mannequins? Do they only allow one person in the shop at a time? Do they only let the shop appear to those who haven a strange attachment to their old clothes? Unlike a lot of episodes, this confusion didn’t really bother me enough to hinder my opinion, though.

    Great review, again! 😀

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    • Yes, I felt the same way, I was so disinterested in everything that this episode had to offer, that I just didn’t care about thinking too deeply about it and unnecessarily wasting more time. None of it really made sense to me. I can’t wait to read your review on this (I know I’m a few days behind) because I’m intruged to know what your interpretation was. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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