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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Episode 16: Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa


Random Commentary:

  • Oh man, this is the first recurring female character to pop up since Lady Erina.
  • Wow, she’s super pretty, too.
  • Aw, look at Joseph and Caesar warming up to each other, how nice (I’m not being sarcastic, by the way).
  • This reminds me of the Hunter Exam Arc in Hunter x Hunter where they have to climb down the tower in a certain amount of time.
  • Yep, that tower would be my grave. No way in hell would I ever get out of there.
  • Joseph, WHAT. HOW.
  • Joseph and Caesar literally did a 180 with their feelings toward one another.


Final Thoughts:

I don’t know why it should still come as a surprise to me after everything Joseph has been through in just the past few episodes, but wow is he quick-witted and creative. I don’t know how the F he thought about riding the damn oil to the wall and leaping through the weakest portion of it. The entire time he was doing it, I was just staring at the screen like, “Is this really happening?” But, it’s JoJo’s. I’ve been told that this is nothing compared to what’s to come, so I should know better by now.

I’m also very impressed with how talented Caesar is, as well. He can control two different Hamon at once. I mean, he is the grandson of Zeppeli after all, but he’s still pretty young, so I greatly admire his skills. I may be being a bit biased, though, because I really am enjoying Caesar’s character a lot… and Joseph. Joseph doesn’t fail to either crack me up or make me shake my head and say, “Oh, Joseph, why are you like this?”

I’m also relieved that this isn’t the typical shounen story where the training takes like fifteen episodes and only covers the span of three days. Lisa Lisa doesn’t seem to be too bad of a character either, so I’m pleased. I usually have an issue with female characters, but, at the same time, we’ve barely just met her, so I theoretically shouldn’t be counting my chickens before they hatch. I’m one hundred percent sure, though, that Joseph and Caesar will come out of this training session ready to kick some Pillar Men ass, so that I’m looking forward to.

Oh, and I did laugh when they went back to where Speedwagon was for a few seconds and the entire scene is pretty much just him debating if he should tell Erina about the wedding rings Joseph has in his heart and esophagus now. I’m sure all he can imagine is getting ground up into meat by Joseph if he were ever to find out that he told on him. It was a smart call of Mr. Speedwagon to keep his mouth shut about that for now.

All in all, this was a very straight-forward and fun episode, like most JoJo’s episodes are surprisingly proving to be. Onwards to the next!




I’m a 27-year-old story-telling fan. I enjoy all forms of media, including anime, manga, literature, films, video games, music, and everything else in between. I’ve been writing short stories and novels for myself as a hobby for as long as I can remember. I’ve never considered myself good enough to become published, but I’m hoping to change that someday. I’m a huge sucker for characters, so that’s usually what will make or break a majority of stories for me. Other than that, I spend my days working and trying to pay my bills (how fun, right?).

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