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The Promised Neverland – Episode 5: 301045


Random Commentary:

  • This is the second time they’ve used the same ticking clock set up. It would’ve been cooler if this had been the first. It would’ve had a bigger impact.
  • Ohhh sh*t! He played you, Ray. Nice job, Norman. Even though I’m still very confused and so, so nervous.
  • Huh… I guess Ray isn’t a top scorer just for show.
  • After many years? Well, damn. You’ve really wanted this a lot.
  • I’m confused what all of Ray’s out-of-left-field, weird expressions are supposed to do. Instill fear into Norman? Instill more doubt into us?
  • I’m officially convinced that Ray is Isabella’s illegitimate child. They are the same.
  • Norman must be protected at all costs. He’s too precious for words.
  • If Emma wasn’t so calm right now, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be seeing Ray in the remaining episodes.


Final Thoughts:

Well, I am very satisfied with this episode. 

1.) No Sister Krone <3. 

2.) It circled back to being uncomfortable and a bit scary. I really like that this episode focused more on their relationship with one another since that’s not really something that’s been explored all too deeply, as I’ve continuously mentioned before. We’ve only gotten short sequences up until now. I’m glad that the story is getting better for me because I am way too invested in Norman right now to just drop this.

Norman’s emotions and facial expressions throughout that entire scene with Ray in the beginning had me on a rollercoaster ride. One thing I realized I kept bringing up before but never really fully discussed was the immense amount of emotions that these characters show. For the main characters, I’m so used to getting the three basic facial expressions: happiness, anger, and sadness. But, particularly with Norman and Emma, not only do we get those, but we also get looks of fear, betrayal, emotional pain (which can look different than just plain sadness), shock, etc. I love how many different emotions we get to see from them because it makes me feel, and perhaps better understand, how truly distressed they are on the inside from their current situation. I’m now also painfully aware of how emotionally attached Norman is to everyone; much more than I originally thought. This whole situation might end up being tougher on him than on Emma.

As for the way the episode ended, I’m really hoping this isn’t Isabella or the other three. Either of those options would be way too cliché and just downright boring. I’m kind of hoping it’s that monster, Sister Krone, who’s trying to sneak a peek herself. Now that would be an entertaining exchange between her and Don/Gilda. I’m crossing my fingers it’s her, otherwise, they’ll have to really pull something amazing off for me to like it. We’ll see how it plays out. Onwards to the next!




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