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Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 7 – Episode 2: The Sleepless Child

Random Commentary:

  • Ew, are his lips going to sound super sticky and wet at the beginning of every episode? This is gonna be a long season despite the short episodes. This is the first time I’m not excited to hear his classic intro. What a shame.
  • The news report going on in the background while she’s on the phone with her husband, though…
  • Yo, her son is wearing a red shirt, too.
  • I genuinely thought someone was throwing poop at her.
  • Pardon, the child you what now?


Final Thoughts:

This episode was again pretty decent. This season is shaping up to not be as bad as some of its predecessors, and that’s something I was most definitely not expecting. I mean, the episodes aren’t amazing, but they haven’t been particularly bad either. This one actually had an alright climax, too.

The style and animation were pretty much the same as always, but I really didn’t like the way they designed her child. This might not make a whole lot of sense, but he looked more cardboard cutout-ish than everything else. Normally the characters’ expressions will change per scene, but his just didn’t very often and he would just look super out of place every time he appeared. 

The voice acting was surprisingly subpar, as well. We normally don’t have this issue with Yami Shibai in general, so this legitimately took me by surprise. The ghost child’s laugh, in specific, was regrettably awkward and a bit forced. It would have done better for the episode if it had sounded more creepy and childlike. It just sounded like some pre-teen kid forcing himself to try to laugh like a younger child. It just didn’t work.

On the bright side, the ending was a pretty decent jumpscare because of the child’s footsteps making it sound like he was running toward us. I like that type of direction. If it had only been the jump scare without the sound leading up to it, it definitely wouldn’t have done as well.

Although this one had more negative aspects than the first episode, I still didn’t hate it. 

These episodes are proving to be rather entertaining for the most part. I’m looking forward to the rest. Onwards to the next!




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